Arik Khachidourian, DPT, PT

Arik holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and has Certifications in Strength and Conditioning,  DNS and PRI. Majority of his experiences are in movement science, pain science, post surgical rehab as well as athletic performance.

Arik has dealt with many injuries over the years, during the course of his rehab he became a student of human anatomy and movement, he believes these personal experiences have helped him understand the recovery process and gave him the opportunity to connect with his patients in their recovery process.We are not dogmatic with our approach and are firm believers of the 80/20 principle, giving us the ability to collect the best parts of different disciplines and combine the world or rehab, with strength and conditioning. We believe in incorporating the latest technologies as a part of our rehab protocol. We are continuously seeking to bring cutting edge technology into our practice.