Orthopedic Therapy Center in Calabasas CA

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Calabasas's Top Orthopedic Therapy Center for Comprehensive Care

Restoring Mobility and Strength at Ethos Sports and Spine

As a renowned orthopedic rehabilitation center, we focus on restoring your mobility and strength through expert care.

Our private & personal gym trainers at Ethos Sports and Spine work closely with each patient, ensuring a tailored approach to rehabilitation.

Whether you're recovering from an injury or surgery, our spine orthopedics & rehabilitation specialists are here to support your journey to wellness.


We combine the best parts of physical therapy, sports medicine, and frequency specific electrical stimulation to accelerate rehabilitation and maximize performance. We believe in incorporating the latest technologies, such as pulse direct current, into our rehab protocol.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists Calabasas CA

Specialized Spine & Orthopedic Manual Therapy Services

Our center is proud to offer spine & orthopedic manual therapy services, designed to alleviate pain and improve function.

These therapies are crucial in managing conditions related to the spine and orthopedic injuries, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

Enhancing Athletic Performance with Speed and Agility Training

Athletes looking to enhance their performance can benefit from our speed and agility training programs.

These sessions are perfect for those seeking Sports Performance therapist guidance and aim to improve overall athletic ability.

Comprehensive Sports Medicine Occupational Therapy

Our sports medicine occupational therapy focuses on helping athletes of all levels recover and return to their sport.

Whether you're a professional athlete or simply enjoy sports recreationally, our therapists are skilled in providing specialized care.

Advanced Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy

At Ethos Sports and Spine, we integrate performance Medicine & Sports Therapy into our treatment plans. This approach is ideal for athletes needing a sports wellness medicine program tailored to their specific needs.

Expert Strength Training for Wrestling and Rehabilitation

For wrestlers and athletes requiring focused strength building, our strength training for wrestling program is an essential component of rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Our expert trainers and therapists work collaboratively, employing both sports performance therapist insights and sports wellness medicine practices, to create a balanced and effective strength training regimen.

Join Our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center in Calabasas CA

Looking for an orthopedic rehabilitation center near me?

Our Calabasas Ethos Sports and Spine center is close to you, offering expert physical & sports therapy rehabilitation.

Contact us today to start your journey to recovery and wellness.


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Sports Performance Therapist Calabasas CA
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Sports Performance Training Calabasas CA
  • Innovative Technology


    As an athlete, I have worked with several different therapists and modalities to keep my body healthy and functioning properly. Arik, at ES&S is top notch... Dr. Arik has the most innovative technologies that he utilizes during his sessions which makes his PT all the more effective, with results in a shorter amount of time. If you want to get out of pain or take your athleticism to the next nevel…Look no further!

    - Victoria P.

  • Immediate Results


    Arik is extremely professional and helpful. They examined and evaluated me to treat me based on my specific needs. He addressed my pain and imbalances and I felt significantly better immediately. I strongly recommend Ethos Sports and Spine.
    - Paul S.

  • New Facilities


    Great facility... Arik immediately assisted my colleagues and I on certain stretches and then began group rehab therapy. He is knowledgeable and accommodating and the facility is fully furnished with all new equipment. Will be coming back soon.

    - Shawn Y.

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