We diagnose and treat any underlying pathologies and get patients out of pain. We address asymmetries, mobility, strength deficits and teach fundamental movements.

By injury proofing & increasing performance, we will prepare you for anything from a weekly gym session to a specialized athletic events. 


THERAGUN : Deep tissue Vibration massage which Enhances muscle recovery, releases stress and tension, and soothes discomfort with a smart percussive therapy device

MANUAL THERAPY : Treating musculoskeletal pain and disability by manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation.


NEUBIE uses pulsed direct current (DC) as opposed to alternate current (AC) and has a unique effect on the nervous system allowing neuromuscular re-education. The system is based on research showing that electrical stimulation can affect reflex patterns, brain activity, muscle output, and pain. Treatments are active rather than passive, allowing for optimal, eccentric contractions. 


By incorporation strength and conditioning program to our rehab protocol we are able to increase patients resilience and prevent future injuries.

What our Clients are Saying

Hands down the best physical therapist I have ever been too. Very knowledgeable and comes to your home. Can't say enough good things about Arik If you are looking to get better and perfect your craft, this is the guy. Try out the Neubfit machine it's outstanding!


I've been working with Arik for 6 months now. I'm not new to PT and have seen how it's changed my life, my pain, my workouts. I really appreciate how he is personally invested in me and helping me improve my movement and body. I love learning from him so that I can use that knowledge to help my own training clients, He is a wealth of information that translates to less pain and improved form in my own workouts. I connect with him on a personal level which is what I strive for with those that are helping me.


After suffering with neck pain for 9 months I decided to take the matter seriously and Arik was there to help.  In one session, my pain decreased from 8 to 2 on a scale of 10. I noticed the difference while driving, working and playing with my toddler. I can’t wait for my next session!